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Why Phone Monkey?


Most recyclers offer only prices for Working and Non-Working phones/tablets, if your item is not in absolute mint condition or has the most minor of faults.

(if sold as non-working) they will aggressively discount your item. If you do not accept their discounted price you will have to pay an inflated fee to have your item returned.


Most recyclers are only interested in those phones in excellent condition.

We specialise in the bulk of phones that are not in the best of condition so will be able to give you the best prices.

No Hidden Charges & Free Returns

If your item does not meet the criteria and you are unsatisfied with our revised offer we will return your item free of charge.

Free Postage

We offer a free royal mail postage service with tracking for your peace of mind.

Fast Payment

We will pay you within 3 days of receipt; this is before most of our competitors.

If this is not quick enough we have a same day payment option!

Personal Data

In case you forget to delete your personal data we will delete it for you.


Please read through our customer reviews.

Friendly People

Pick up the phone and call us or request a call back, we are always ready to help.

Our Phone number 0203 371 8967