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Terms & Conditions

These are our terms and conditions;

By using this website, "Phone Monkey", you, the Customer, consent to these terms and conditions and accept them in entirety.

Phone Monkey is owned and operated by Genuine Accessories Ltd, a United Kingdom registered company Reg. 06749310.

UNIT 136

Tel: 0203 371 8967

By using Phone Monkey you warrant that you are;

  1. At least 18 years old.
  2. In a fit state of mind.
  3. The legal owner of the phone(s) or tablet(s) you are selling us or you are acting with full consent of the legal owner.
  4. In full acceptance of these terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

We, reserve the right to change these terms at any time by updating this webpage. At the time of completing a sale on the website the terms displayed at the time will be the terms we and you are bound by, you are encouraged to print off a copy of these terms.

On this website, we may refer to the phone(s) or tablet(s) you are selling us as,

  • Your item,
  • Your device or,
  • Your phone or tablet.

If any provision within these terms and conditions is found by a UK court, to be unreasonable and void, the remainder of the terms and conditions are to still stand and you, the customer and us remain bound by them.

Our Liability

+ By using our site, you indemnify us (do not hold us liable for) against any financial loss, injury (mental or physical), or damage to your property that you or any party connected to you may suffer as a result of using our site.

+ We will not be liable or responsible for any failure or delay to perform, any of our obligations that are caused by events outside our reasonable control or due to our compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.

Intellectual Property

The contents of this site, graphics designs and logos are the exclusive property of Genuine Accessories Ltd, you may not republish or copy any part of this site without our explicit permission.

Posting Your Device To Us

When posting your device to us you accept and acknowledge that we are not responsible for items that are lost in transit.

+The freepost tracked service is insured for gbp 50.00 per packet. It is your responsibility to obtain the certificate of posting from the post office.

+ In the event your item is lost or damaged in transit, it is your responsibility to lodge a claim with royal mail.

+ If you want to ensure your item(s) for up to £500 (or £1000 with a small additional fee) we suggest you send your item(s) via royal special delivery. Approximate cost of special delivery for up to 2 phones (500g) is currently £7.15. You can send up to 2 tablets for £8.45 - £11.00

+ If you have sold your items sold as "New" you must send us the box with all accessories and inserts.

+ If you have not sold your items as "New" you may send us the box and accessories, however we will not pay additional for them.

+ The royal mail has a limit of two battery containing devices per packet.

+ The royal mail does not allow faulty/ damaged batteries to be sent by post. If you suspect your battery has been compromised, you will be required to remove your battery before sending us your item. If you suspect this could apply to you, please contact us prior to sending us your device.


We will test your device to ensure it meets the grade you specified in the sale, grading criteria shown below.

You give us permission to open your device, if we deem it is required to fully assess the condition of your device.

Overall Classification Condition Criteria
Brand New Brand New
  • Phone or tablet is unused.
  • In original box with all accessories.
  • Factory seal must still be intact.
Working Excellent
  • Device is in pristine condition.
  • Device is fully functional.
  • No cracks.
  • No faults or screen defects.
  • Device will have minor marks
  • fully functional
  • No cracks
  • No faults or screen defects
  • Device will show multiple signs of wear or deep scratches.
  • fully is functional.
  • No cracks.
  • No faults or screen defects.
Faulty / Non-Working Faulty
  • Fully functionally except for a fault including but not limited to the following;
    • Home button / lock button / keypad not functioning properly.
    • Volume button not functioning.
    • Camera not working properly.
    • Microphone / Speaker not functioning properly.
    • Charger port damaged.
  • Fully functionally.
  • Screen and/or back cover cracked or damaged.
  • For Samsung phones, this price covers damage to the outer glass only.
  • Phone is not working.
  • Includes water damaged.
  • Phone must be in one piece, not broken or crushed.

+ Non genuine parts, if you device is found to have non-genuine parts, we may offer you a reduced price.

+ If you device is missing an original part of it such as, buttons, stylus, battery cover, we may offer you a reduced price.

+ If your device has undergone repair work, we may offer you a reduced price.

+ If your phone or tablet has multiple faults (eg. volume button does not work and home button does not work) or is damaged and also faulty (eg. Screen is cracked and volume button is broken) we may send you a revised offer for your phone or tablet, this offer will be discounted further from the faulty or damaged price stated.

+ At our discretion we may offer at a minimum the prices for the criteria, working and Faulty/Non-Working. If we offer just these prices, we will still grade your device according to our specification shown in the above table. Devices sold as working or Faulty/Non-working, which are found to be in average, poor, damaged or non-working condition may warrant a revised offer from the working, new and faulty/Non-working prices offered.

If you are not satisfied with the revised price we offer, you can choose to have your item returned free of charge, please see the "POSTING YOUR DEVICE BACK TO YOU" Section.

Validity Of Our Offer

By registering a sale on Phone Monkey you are agreeing to sell your device(s) to us.

The Transaction date is defined as the date you register the sale on the website.

Our offer expires within 10 days from the transaction date. If we receive your device(s) after this date, we reserve the right to offer send you a reduced offer.

+ If we find your device to be counterfeit or blocked, your device we handled in accordance with our policy for such items, please refer to the "BLOCKED / BARRED / PASSWORD PROTECTED / COUNTERFEIT DEVICES" section.

+ If your device does not meet the specified criteria we will send you a revised offer by email, you have 3 days to reject the revised offer, if you reject the offer, we will post your item back to you, please see the POSTING YOUR DEVICE BACK TO YOU section.

+ If you have sent us multiple devices, we may send a revised offer for one or more of the devices yet accept others.

+ If you do not reject the offer within 3 days of receipt, we will deem the offer as accepted and process payment.

Data And SIM Cards

+ You must remove your SIM card prior to sending your device to us. In the event you do not remove your SIM card prior to sending your device, we will make reasonable endeavours to return it you, but make no guarantees to such effect. We take no responsibility for any loss or damages that might occur to you as a result of you sending us your SIM card.

+ Prior to sending your device to us it is your responsibility to wipe any data that you have saved on your device. If you fail to do this our technicians as matter of standard operating procedure should wipe any data stored on your device. However we take no responsibility for any loss or damages that might occur to you as result of you not deleting any data stored on your device.

Blocked / Barred / Password Protected / Counterfeit Devices

+ Under no circumstances will we accept a "compromised device" this is deemed to be any device that is blocked by a UK network OR a loss or theft report exists OR a fulfilment claim exists on the IPCD database.

+ If you send us a device that is password protected or still connected to apple icloud, or logged into "Find my iphone" we will not be able to accept it. Unless the device is found to be compromised, we will return the device for the payment of a handling fee of GBP 10.00.

+ Such items that are found to be compromised, will be handled in accordance with CHECKMED guidelines,

Under these guidelines you should be aware we are not allowed to pay for a compromised device or return it to you. We must hold the device for 28 days to allow for records to updated or for the rightful owner to claim it. If after the 28 day period the records have not been updated or the rightful owner has not claimed the device we are required to dispose of the device responsibly.

+ If we find your device to be counterfeit we will not pay for it. If we believe you sent it to us by accident we will return the device for the payment of a handling fee of GBP 10.00.

Posting Your Device Back To You

+ If you have received a revised offer from us and you have chosen not to accept it, we will return your device free of charge.

+ Your device will be posted back to you via recorded delivery. We will be able to provide you with a tracking number.

If your item is lost in transit we will not be held liable for the item.

+ If you wish to have your device returned to you using a more secure service, we can return your device by royal special delivery. For us to do this you must inform us at the time of rejecting our revised offer and on request make payment to us for the cost of this service. We will charge you the actual cost.

+ If you included additional accessories, the box or both with your device we will not be able to return these.


+ Payment is considered made once we have;

  1. Initiated payment into the bank account with the sort code provided by yourself when you registered the sale. Evidence of such can be provided on request.
  2. Or, if you requested payment by cheque, at the time we post a cheque in your name.

+ It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct payment details, we are not to be held responsible, if you do not receive funds because the details you provided us with when registering your sale were incorrect.

+ If you realise after registering your sale your details are incorrect, you should;

Immediately update your details in your account with us and send an email to in the subject of your email, you must quote your order reference. Please also phone use on 0203 371 8967.

+ If you require a cheque you have received to be re-issued because the beneficiary name provided when you registered the sale was not correct, you are required to return the original cheque to us first. We reserve the right to charge £3 for every cheque we have to re issue because of customer error.

+ Unless you have requested "Sameday" payment, we aim to make payments within 3 working days of receipt of your device or within 3 working days of acceptance of a revised offer.

+ "Sameday" payment, if you have requested this option, we will endeavour to pay you on the day we receive your device. The discount over our standard payment option is 10%. If we fail (unless this failure is caused by you not responding to a revised offer promptly) to make payment on the day we receive your device, we will pay you the full price.

+ If you have opted to receive same day payment and we find your device to be not as specified, but in a condition to warrant a revised offer, we will immediately contact you by email and phone as to try and ensure you can accept or reject the offer on the day of receipt of your device.